Photographing Cats

One of the most exciting things in life is doing what you love. No force, no interference, you can perform it freely with any method which sometimes running out of course. For me, that one thing is photography. Even though I’m not a technical kind of person, and for almost entire life addicted operating it in auto mode (hehe), I enjoy photography as much as I’m eating delicious food made by mom for my everyday lunch.

I enjoy photograph simple things around; people, trees, leaves, vehicles, etc., I found interesting. Oh yes, CATS!!! They are everywhere! I always curious about them, the way they staring at us and wondering “What was on their mind?”, “Do they understand what we said?”, “Can they read our minds?”, I want to know. Sometimes they are cute, witty, sometimes annoying, sometimes helpful. I think they are smart, too.

To dedicate my admiration to them, I browsed my folders and compiled it in this post. Below are few of my collections since I have tons of folders to dig, and I will update it once I have more time. I hope you enjoy these photos as I do! Thanks.

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