Inspirations can come from the little things, from the little ones, from the birds you see everyday flapping their tiny wings above the twigs. They are small but free and still can keeping up with their friends gather around the free space to have fun. I want to be like a bird; free to fly to anywhere I want, without forgetting to socialize and go back to the nest no matter how far I’ve been fly.

  • Camera: Samsung EK-GC100 (Galaxy Camera)
  • Editing Tools: Picasa from Google (crop, straighten, and natural light tuning) & VSCO (filters: M5, HB2, L7, M5, V8)

Filter M5

Filter V8 Filter HB2

Filter L7

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A simple person who loves photography, writing, a student who learns by time and doing, and hope can travel around the world.

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