Pastel Jakarta from Istana Pasar Baru Rooftop

I’d rather come up with natural colors for my photos. I only applied minor edits like cropping, straightening, and if it is needed, change the color using VSCO filters without significant adjustment. I like to keep my photos still as it is, so I can recall the memories within those photos in vivid colors as the moment I have taken them. But, as my references and interests keep growing, I also try to explore something new. My recent interest is Nguan‘s, Singapore-based photographer, who came up with pastel photographs.

Not only a girly one will love his photos, but everyone will also love it, I think. His photos are warm, peaceful, sweet and intriguing at the same time. I surfed on the internet to explore the pastel-feeling editing technique using VSCO filters which I love the most. I had a regret feeling of my ignorance to explore VSCO tools for all this time.

No more regret, then I implemented what I’ve just learned with photos from my Sunday hunting on July 9 2017, at Istana Pasar Baru rooftop in Central Jakarta. Not bad for first-timer, I think (hehe). I only applied 1 filter, 4 different types of adjustment and final touch on Picasa to straighten, crop, and adjust the color balance based on my own preferences.

  1. Apply filter “T1”
  2. Adjust the filter into “+6.0”
  3. Increase the Exposure into “+3.0”
  4. Decrease the Contrast into “-2.0”
  5. Increase the Saturation into “+3.0”
  6. Increase the Tint into “+5.0”

The tutorial only for reference, but the final touch will depend on your own perspective and preferences. Yeah, we cannot fully copy someone else, but at least absorb the aspects and technique that would fit with our personality the most then modify it to enrich our own technique. If we review the editing steps above, it is clearly showing that not only life that have ups and downs to reach for what we called an ideal life, it also happens in photography, we have to follow the increase and decrease processes to have a final defined perfection we had set :b.

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